Angels live in our world, invisible to the human eye. They wage wars with demons, protecting the humans from their evils. One day, Amai Kamishi, a girl with the strange ability to see Angels, wanders through the park to get home quicker. She happens upon an Angel and Demon and rushes in to stop the fight. Can she bring peace between the humans, Angels and Demons? Why is it she can see these beings?
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Temporary Hiatus - January 3rd, 2008, 8:44 am

So, I'm gonna have to go on hiatus for a while...Not out of choice, I'm just having a lot of problems at home and basically don't have a computer to use. I'm not sure when things might get worked out, seems like it may be a while...Truthfully...I am going through MAJOR computer withdraws...

I'm actually a few pages from having the second chapter drawn out and innked...But I can't tone without my computer...*sadness*

I'll post another news post as soon as I know what may be happening as far as updating! ^^;